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Founder of Yoga Multimedia and creator of KALAM-BALAM & Alquimia Yoga

"The way I feel, the way I move into the practice, is that unique way in which the universe has shaped my path".
Victor Varana E-RYT500


I got into yoga in the year 2002, got my first certification to teach in 2005, now I'm certified E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and I've practiced martial arts ever since being a little kid and have created my own style
KALAM-BALAM & Alquimia Yoga.

I'm a pro photographer & designer since 1995 working independently for people & companies in México and USA. I'm also a business entrepreneur, an art producer & cultural promoter and have directed and produced multidisciplinary art events, like yoga retreats and art festivals at YOGAMULTIMEDIA and at an ONG. As a sound artist, I have performed in different music projects. I love teaching yoga and drag in there all of my talents and passions. I'm also a trained Diver and love to explore the world.

After many years of experimenting with many schools and styles of yoga, martial arts and other disciplines, I have found my own practice; a fusion of yoga, meditation, martial arts, philosophies, fine arts, multimedia and ancient culture. A synthesis of all that :

KALAM-BALAM & Alquimia Yoga.

What I teach people, is how to find the solid grounds in the yoga and martial arts practices and philosophies. I invite students to feel safe through knowledge and experience and to become able to find an own unique way of practice, to integrate themselves into awareness, to use the skills that each one already personally achieved or was provided by nature, and put that into the yoga life. To challenge the self, and yet be all respectful to the body during the physical practice, to give relevance always to the breath, looking up to grow, in power, efficiency and spirit.

I hold different yoga and martial arts certifications. I'm an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 at Yoga Alliance and I've being certified by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies 500hrs, the Kundalini Research Institute and Universidad de Guadalajara - Health Sciences Department 350hrs, Yogic Arts 50 hrs, Yoga Espacio 50 hrs, World Tae Kwon Do Federation and other Mexican Institutions.

I teach yoga from 7 to 14 times a week, ever since 2005. Since 2009 I've being teaching groups and leading private training at the most awarded wellness centers and resorts in all la Riviera Maya & the world. It has given me the opportunity to work with all kind of physical conditions from all around the globe. This has offered me a lot of experience.

I have some yoga videos available at

Brothers and Sisters, come down and visit. I'll guide you through a special week of body, mind and spiritual practices.

Peace and love to all.






Interactive Yoga w. Ancient Instruments

cosmic sounds

For those warriors that wants to make their practice a cosmic ritual.


Asana • Pranayama • Mantra • Meditation • Visual Mix w. Drums, Bowls & Ancient Instruments


- Lu'um - Ha : Beginners Hip Openers and Standing postures
- Ka'ak - Ik : Beginners Core and Inversion postures
- Kuxan Suum : Sonic Meditation Workshop


- Balam : Hatha Strong Flow
- Kalam : Vinyasa Kung Flow

If you are interested into taking Victor Varana to your Resort, Yoga Studio, Conference, Video Production, or similar,

please send contact : CLICK HERE.

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