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That's right dear friends - There are a few spots remaining to attend this amazing retreat with Victor Varana, at the wonderful beaches of the sacred and magical Mayan lands. Taking place
October 27 - November 3, 2012. This promises to be an unforgettable yoga adventure of a life time - check out the info below and reserve your spot today!

Tulum beaches, Mayan Coba ruins, floating down through the mangroves of the Sia'an Kan biosphere in a crystal water canal, Mayan Ceremony wit a shaman, beautiful Kirtan experience, get your Posture picture in beautiful spots by a professional photographer, ohhh breath taking!

Take a deep dive into the Mayan Culture this 2012, while polishing your skills in Yoga & Meditation practice with a great creative and unique teacher, creator of his own Yoga style "Alquimia Yoga", featuring his most famous class, a fun choreographic style that combines yoga flow and martial arts movements.


The retreat accomodations at Maya Tulum right on the stunning beach of Tulum gifts us the possibility to awake at a picturesque postcard sunrise each morning and soaking up a vibrant and colorful sunset each night.

Yoga in the morning and evening leave ample time to sample Tulums life and activities like temazcal, the ancient mayan sweat lodge, mayan treatments and body work on the hotel spa, biking, kite surfing, cenote, caves and sea snorkeling or diving and other great experiences that are available.


Meet your teacher Victor Varana.

As one of the most successful Yoga teachers in Mexico, his teachings has gone beyond frontiers. His appetite for yoga practices and ancient traditions is contagious. Victor's playful mixture of traditional yoga styles + martial arts makes every class a complete full practice and his bright personality is the clue to truly inspiring classes.

Victors training is grounding heavily in Iyengar Hatha & Restorative, Vinyasa Power flow, Kundalini and Mixed Martial Arts with a light hearted spin. His goal as a practitioner and instructor is to become really skilled as precise patient hunters, strong as the jaguar and flexible as the snake, and to sensitize the self to become able to feel the subtile energies. He teaches a playful approach to the practice and wants everybody to experience the importance to have fun and discover the true essence among all.


There are strong reasons why the legendary Maya Tulum Yoga Resort trusted him to lead you on this amazing transformative yoga-adventure.

Book now :

Please contact Melanie Mann.

US Call: 888- 515-4580 ext 231 or 770-483 02 38






Interactive Yoga w. Ancient Instruments

cosmic sounds

For those warriors that wants to make their practice a cosmic ritual.


Asana • Pranayama • Mantra • Meditation • Visual Mix w. Drums, Bowls & Ancient Instruments


- Lu'um - Ha : Beginners Hip Openers and Standing postures
- Ka'ak - Ik : Beginers Core and Inversion postures
- Kuxan Suum : Sonic Meditation Workshop


- Balam : Hatha Strong Flow
- Kalam : Vinyasa Kung Flow

If you are interested into taking Victor Varana to your Resort, Yoga Studio, Conference, Video Production, or similar,

please send contact : CLICK HERE.

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