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KALAM BALAM is a functional body, functional mind and spiritual training that blends yogic, shamanic and taoist fundamentals in its practice, mission and philosophy, to walk the planet as a free and lifted spirit.

Taken from the Yucateca Mayan language, KALAM the coral snake, symbol of the creative female essence, the flexibility of movement and action and BALAM the jaguar, symbol of the masculine essence, is the strength, focus and stillness. KALAM the mystery of the moon, BALAM the power of the sun.

It consists in a series of physical and mental practices that repeated constantly generate new and more balanced patterns that can impulse and manage an intention and flow in life, with greater power and grace, through any kind of environments or circumstances.


KALAM BALAM's method is a collection of techniques and knowledge coming from tao, tantric buddhism, yoga and martial arts, sports and neurological sciences, art, music and sound.

KALAM BALAM's practice is composed by breath and mind's attention control exercises, body posture and movement practices together with visualization, vocalization, meditation, music and sound.

I named each one of this trainings after the Mayan Spirits that best represented the character of each practice. 

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Take a look to Kinich Ahau, the most requested from these practices.

"Victor was the most unique and his class was a bit more of an “experience.” Julie Abice on her trip advisor review about her stay at Maya Tulum Resort in April 2012.


Watch testimonials on video from experts like yoga rockstar Sadie Nardini and  martial arts multi-champion Chuck Feningstein, talking about Victor Varana's practices.

Kalam Balam Trainings
Named after Mayan Spirits.


0- Harmonic Panoramas - A Sound Wave Interactive Meditation

Welcome to an interactive sound healing and meditation journey using binaural frequencies, synth textures and sound modulation combined with traditional instruments and chants from a variety of ethnicities of the world. A combination of restorative postures, breath work and other meditation techniques embedded in a live concert lead by a wellness & movement master / music producer / visual artist with over 15 years of experience around the globe.

I- Popol Vuh, the origin. Core, alignment & movement fundamentals.

Popol Vuh is the Mayan book of creation. A tale of gods and men. 


Combining the alignment principles of hatha yoga and the balanced movement of taoist martial arts, this training focuses on remapping mind and body's structural and functional patterns, into sacred balance.


I- Nucleus - the Core Power  - Training the core muscles to support the entire structure and to originate the movement, to expand and absorb, to open and close.

II- Compass - Hip essentials - Strengthens the legs and trains the 4 main group of muscles of the hip joint to gain balance and direction.

III- Parallel Vortex - Invert the world - To train the upper body push and pull strength and the sense of balance as it benefits the mind through the irrigation of the brain and improving hormonal connections.

II- Kukulkan, the feathered snake

Every equinox, at the main stairs of the Chichen Itza's temple of Kukulkan, with its light, the sun draws the descending movement of a snake flowing down the pyramid.

This Kalam Balam series, mirrors that flow through yoga stretches, sound healing, acupressure and  connective tissue release techniques, to activate the blood circulation, allowing the nectar of the rivers of the body to flow down to the lotus feet, to the union of the heavens with the earth.

III- Hunab Ku, the precision functional warrior

Hunab Ku  and  Xbalanque are dual forces, they were described by the ancient mayas as twin God heroes, that converted in the sun and the moon, came back from the underworld, after a ball match to death against the lords of Xibalba, the underworld. Hunab Ku came back to life as the sun, the stimulating force, provider of rhythm and life. 


I - Hunab Ku Óok’ot- The twin hero dance - This is a powerful leg, hip and core workout made of a combination of martial arts kicks and leg work, yoga stretches, standing postures and cardio.

II - Hunab Ku Loox- The twin hero punch - This is a workout for the core and upper body strength with a combination of martial arts training, light weight lifting exercises and yoga planks and inversions.


* This sessions require sound system, light weights, rubber bands and a mobility stick or staff for each participant.

IV- Xbalanque, the macro-micro cosmic awareness.

​Hunab Ku  and  Xbalanque are dual forces, they were described by the ancient mayas as twin God heroes, that converted in the sun and the moon, came back from the underworld, after a ball match to death against the lords of Xibalba. Xbalanque came back as the lord of the night magics, as the moon, the light in the dark. 

This is a mindfulness practice with technical breathing, mudras and focusing points to train the mind. A set of tools to clear, tune and balance the nervous system, clean the organs. Techniques to relax and energize the body and mind. 

V- Chac-Mool, the solar heart stone. 

Chac Mool, lays on top of many temples through out the mayan world to house the sacrificial fire on his belly.


This training mirrors this intention through a powerful floor practice that trains the habit of standing up after falling, improves blood and hormonal circulation and balances body energy. Blending vinyasa and yantra yoga with grappling arts, vocalization and sound, each sequence progresses, preparing the body into more challenging postures and movements.

VI- Pakal, traveler of the worlds.

Represented traveling through the worlds, in a stone that covered his tomb inside one of the biggest temples at the great mayan city of Palenque. Pakal is climbing up the branches of the tree of life and flowing through the rivers of chi. 


This exercise series use a mix of shamanic mayan, tantric and taoist movement and breathing techniques performed in an holistic ritual.


* This session requires of some fire and smoke, drums & mic/ sound system is required.

VII- Kinich Ahau, lord of the eye of the sun.

Master of poetry and music, married to the moon. God of war and ruler among the gods.


This training is a vinyasa yoga class in a martial arts form. A tribal war dance that merges hatha yoga postures and tantra yoga techniques with a number of martial arts movements. integrated in fluid sequences inspired by the behaviors of the animals endemic to the mayan jungle. 

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Each session opens with breathing exercises under the beat of the live drum, while savasana is guided by shamanic drumming and overtone singing at the end of the practice!


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