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@VictorVarana is a yoga master with over 14 years of teaching experience and an International platform. Founder of  the YogaMultimedia Yoga School that runs trainings internationally and creator of an acclaimed style KalamBalam which has catapulted him globally. Not many would be better to run such a teacher training.

History • Philosophy • Lineages • Anatomy • Physiology • Kintetics • Asana • Neuroscience, mind and meditation • Ayurveda • Functional movement • Adjusting and assisting • Refined cueing • Advanced teaching • Structural balance of flowing • Pranayama • Energy healing • Mantra • Sound healing • Marketing and business •  and the curricula keeps constantly growing...

Learn from those that study from all valuable sources and take the practices into their lives.

Combining the wisdom of a diversity of sources: lineages, disciplines and sciences, our lead trainer Victor Varana, together with Caroline Fowler, has created an very complete and extensive curriculum for 200, 300 & 500 hrs Yoga Teacher Trainings, with wide relevant and useful content that highly overcomes the standards set by the Yoga Alliance. 
There are not many trainings like this, with knowledgeable and highly experienced teachers that have a wide background of studies. That is why a yoga studio franchise as big as HONOR YOGA, and AWAKENED LIFE school of yoga among other schools and studios have come to us to support or execute their trainings.

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"... Victor, thank you sincerely for hanging in with me as I challenged myself and you! You gave me the space to be the real me, including my shadows. You taught me so much beyond yoga asanas, sequencing, and release valves! My heart opens a little bit more each moment, as I learn to accept myself and embrace others with gentle kindness..."  Marlene Holland 



"... I can't believe how much I've changed as a teacher and grown as a yogi. There's always more to work on, always space to grow into but at the same time so many reasons why the present moment is already perfect. Thank you Victor Varana and Caroline Fowler for an incredible training...."  Monica D'Antonio 

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