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Taken from the Yucateca Mayan language:

• KALAM • The coral snake is a symbol of the feminine essence: action, and manifestation.

• BALAM • The jaguar is a symbol of the masculine essence: stillness, and perception. 
• KALAM BALAM - the Creator - multidisciplinary artist, wellness entrepreneur, and nomad with over 23 years of building in the fields of photography, graphic, and web design, video making, music composing, production, and performance, yoga, mobility, and meditation training, art festivals, and yoga retreats production. Learn more

• KALAM BALAM - the Mindfulness path - a meditation method that collects ancient techniques and modern technologies to combat anxiety and depression, increase cognitive capacities, fight neurodegenerative disorders, and increase awareness among other benefits. Learn more

• KALAM BALAM - the Mobility practice - a fitness method that blends yoga, martial arts, and functional training, focused on breath and alignment to develop strength, flexibility, grace, and power of movement, to improve performance in daily life activities or sports as we age. Learn more

 - the Club - is a curated online space for entrepreneurs of the wellness-travel, branding, and art-tech industries to network, co-work, and create opportunities for collaboration and growth. Seekers of a life experience that procures community, balance, freedom, and growth. Learn more
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