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Ayurveda, meaning the Science of Life, is an ancient Vedic science, often called the sister science of yoga. Recognizing the interconnectedness between these two sciences, YogaMultimedia is proud to offer several Ayurvedic services.


Ayurvedic Principles and Cooking Workshops: Are you interested in learning more about Ayurveda? Maybe you know the basics and want to delve in deeper, or maybe you are brand new to the science. Or perhaps you’d like to find out more about Ayurvedic cooking principles? Find out about any upcoming workshops here or make a request if you’d like to host us at your space.

*We also offer one-on-one 60 minute Skype consultations on Ayurvedic cooking principles that you can incorporate for $60.


Ayurveda Training: Are you a yoga studio interested in adding an Ayurveda module into your 200hr, 300hr, or 500hr yoga teacher trainings? If so, we have content appropriate for each level. If desired, we can be guest teachers for this module.


Ayurveda Menu Planning for a Retreat: Are you planning a yoga retreat? Would you like to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into the meals you provide your guests in a conscious way, but unsure how? We offer Ayurvedic meal planning, which can seamlessly be integrated into a retreat environment, allowing you participants to learn about Ayurvedic principles to nourish their body, mind and spirit—the perfect compliment to the yoga journey you are leading them on.



1 night retreat – 2 meals total - $80

2 night retreat – 5 meals total - $140

3 night retreat – 8 meals total - $200

4 night retreat – 11 meals total - $260

5 night retreat – 14 meals total - $320

6 night retreat – 17 meals total - $380

7 night retreat – 20 meals total - $440


Pricing includes:

- Up to 60 minute Skype consultation about retreat location and needs for meals

- Complete Ayurvedic menu planning, recipes and adapting to the retreat location

- Handouts on Ayurvedic diets and principles of eating for retreat participants


*Option to hire us as your Ayurvedic chef: We are open to the possibility of being your Ayurvedic chef for your memorable retreat. Sample pricing for a 5 night retreat is $1,400. Full accommodation must be provided for the chef(s). Client must cover all food costs. Contact us for more details.

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