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Victor Varana Portrait

Victor Varana
Founder & Creator

VICTOR VARANA is an artistentrepreneur, coach, and brand specialist for the wellness and travel industries.

He is the founder of YogaMultimedia, a School of Yoga, and the creator of Kalam Balama form of living in art. 

​- As a multidisciplinary digital and performing artist he is seasoned in Graphic Design, Pro Photo/Video, Illustration, Sound Design, and Music Production.

- As an entrepreneur, he has been the founder and director of a marketing and design agency that ran a social website for Corona Beer in Mexico. He also founded a Yoga School and Travel Agency that ran trainings and retreats around the World.

- As a coach, he helps Wellness Brands and Influencers to develop a brand, strategize, and create their own marketing materials. 
- As a Mindfulness and Mobility Master has an international platform and reputation, and has trained people to become yoga and meditation teachers.

- As a Music Producer he specializes in Electronic Music including Ambient, Binaural Beats, Experimental, Techno, Organic House, World Beat, and Pop.

- As a sportsperson he is a pickleball coach and champion.

In over 27 years of professional career as a photo and videographer, designer, and musician, 18 years as a yoga teacher and master, and 23 years of entrepreneurship, Victor has successfully given birth to many important projects in the competitive and challenging fields of art, yoga, wellness and travel assuming positions in marketing, production, management, and direction.

'Wherever you find balance, you'll find direction' . Victor Varana

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