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Group Wellness Retreats

Thinking about gathering your team for a holistic trip but you want someone else to take care of it? Invite your family or a group of friends, partners or colleagues to a relaxing, recharging and inspiring experience. A wellness retreat for those who deserve it and really need. 


Let the details to us. Everything, from notifications about good flight deals, searching for and booking the right place for your retreat, running the spa services and the activity program for your group.

Give us dates, place and all your holistic preferences and we'll make them happen

We can help you to design your retreats
or you can pick and choose a package that we have already designed, tried many times 

and have proven to be a success. Consult with us!

Signature programs

Wellness retreats

This retreat is inspired by the vision that the Mayans have of the sun cycle through equinoxes, solstices and the four directions, as observed in their calendars, architecture and rituals.


This Retreat can include:

- Ceremonial opening & closing.

- Ayurvedic diet.

- Yoga classes in different styles available: Kalam-Balam, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Yin.

- Healing tai chi & qi gong classes.

- Guided meditations.

- Mantra circles.

- Self treatment classes (auto-massages, herbs and diet, kriya, essential oils).

- Wellness & Spa sessions. We can provide or arrange a variety of treatments, therapy or massage, individual or in group according to the program design.


* Special services like photo sessions, excursions, live music or performances are an available option.

** Number of meals, classes, treatments, etc will be in according to the program designed in both parts agreement.

The yoga & tai chi program, that we normally design for this retreat, follows and break down the concepts of a mayan ceremony, integrating an experience where philosophies, sciences and arts belonging to all these ancient cultures merge.


This retreat leaves its participants with a wider sense of synchrony and belonging with people, the world and cosmos; the recognition of the life force we all carry on and share with everything. It is thought as a detox-healing retreat program, however, it is your choice whether just to have a few treatments or classes, instead of a whole detox program. You decide.

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