• to reduce stress and increase focus and calmness
• to have better communication skills & improve your relationships with partner, family or workmates
• to improve your mental performance at a sport
• to have control over your emotions
• to be more healthy

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Victor Varana


KALAM BALAM mindfulness practices keep in hand and uses multiple tools that has being used by centuries like breath work and visualizations and combines them with the latest techniques developed in the last decades like binaural beats and other neuroscience discoveries.

The main goal of these practices is to develop in a person a high level of awareness. This can offer to the practitioner accurate discerning skills and the possibility of gaining control over own words and actions to generate more intelligent, balanced and harmonious relationships with others and the rest of creation. By its power of improving life experience, it turns to be the most effective method to reduce the negative impact of stress. These techniques also produce high levels of relaxation responses that stimulate body's capacity to repair and nourish itself producing an amazing positive impact on health.


@VictorVarana truly believes that increasing people's consciousness is the only way to create a more harmonious society where rules and laws wouldn't be needed to improve the world's destiny and find Peace, that's why he shares for free his most powerful meditation in the video below.

Mindfulness method

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"Victor was the most unique and his class was a bit more of an “experience.” Julie Abice on her trip advisor review about her stay at Maya Tulum Resort in April 2012.


Watch testimonials on video from experts like yoga rockstar Sadie Nardini and  martial arts multi-champion Chuck Feningstein, talking about Victor Varana's practices.