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Meditate on this:

Benefits of meditating: 

• Reduce and improve responses over Stress.
• Increase focus and calmness in a few minutes.
• Gain control over emotions.

• Fix relationships to find harmony and happiness.
• Builds fruitful
 agreements with partners, family, or workmates.
• Improve mental performance at work, favorite sport, or area of performance.
• Learn faster and memorize better.
• Fight Anxiety and Depression.
• Reduces the risk of Alzheimer and other neurodegenerative diseases as they age
• Become more healthy.

KALAM BALAM meditation method is for people who need to retain focus, achieve mental and emotional balance, and become an architect of destiny.

Victor has been exploring consciousness and studying multiple meditation traditions for more than 30 years. He has taught meditation in retreats, and trainings around the world for over two decades. 

Practice for free with the video below.

"Wherever you find balance, you'll find direction". Victor Varana

Victor Varana's portrait

Victor Varana



Watch and listen for free, one of Kalam Balam's techniques

KALAM BALAM Mindfulness method

There are multiple meditation techniques, traditions, and systems. Each one of them can perform the practice differently from others, therefore each possesses different benefits. KALAM BALAM mindfulness practices include knowledge and techniques from traditional systems and combine neuroscience findings. The method is different according to needs. It can alternate techniques like breathwork, verbalizations, visualizations, binaural beats, and sound frequencies to catalyze the capacity of the mind to tune the body into repairing and nourishing itself, producing an amazingly positive impact on health.

The fundamental axe of this practice is in building awareness. This is the key to developing accurate discerning skills. Acting with awareness provides us with the power to improve our life experience, it helps us attain control over our words and actions, generating balanced relationships with the self, others, and the rest of creation, getting us closer to happiness. 



KALAM BALAM believes that raising human awareness is the ONLY way to create a more harmonious world where the rule of laws is not needed to maintain order, improve everyone's destiny, and find peace. Under that purpose, anyone can use, KALAM BALAM mindfulness meditation for FREE, in the video below.



"Victor was the most unique and his class was a bit more of an “experience.” Julie Abice on her trip advisor review about her stay at Maya Tulum Resort in April 2012.

Watch testimonials on video from experts like yoga rockstar Sadie Nardini and  martial arts multi-champion Chuck Feningstein, talking about Victor Varana's practices.

Book an online training for you, family and friends or staff members and get in a group, the benefits of practicing KALAM BALAM mindfulness methods. Click here

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