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• to correct your posture and prevent or get rid of pain
• to increase your range of mobility
• to get stronger
• to develop stamina
• to improve your performance at any sport
• to be more healthy

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Victor Varana


Training method

KALAM BALAM is a functional body and functional mind training that blends Yoga, MMA and mobility training fundamentals and techniques in its practice, mission and philosophy. The goal is helping you to walk the planet as a free and lifted spirit in a well aligned, mobile, strong, powerful and graceful body.

It consists in a series of physical and mental practices; conscious, natural & essential movements. Repeated constantly they restore the body mechanics into more organic, balanced and refined patterns that better integrates the intention and the flow of life energy, gaining greater power and grace available for any kind of daily life activities or sport performances through any kind of environments or circumstances.

KALAM BALAM's practice is composed by breath work and meditation, body posture and functional movement practices together with visualization, vocalization, music and sound.

@VictorVarana has first hand experienced how working out the body this way help to connect and align the body, the mind and the spirit with the flow of the Universe, reducing physical and emotional friction with life, improving a person's destiny through Harmony & Peace.

Private and group sessions and trainings available online. Contact us if you want to learn more. Click here


Watch and listen Kalam Balam
Take a look to the form of practice I teach that I get mostly requested by studios and students to share.

"Victor was the most unique and his class was a bit more of an “experience.” Julie Abice on her trip advisor review about her stay at Maya Tulum Resort in April 2012.


Watch testimonials on video from experts like yoga rockstar Sadie Nardini and  martial arts multi-champion Chuck Feningstein, talking about Victor Varana's practices.

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