• to heal with sound & music
• to dance
• to sing, do podcasts or lead your own meditations
• fine, non-commercial and experimental music

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If you're looking for online sound healing session, to bring @VictorVarana to your town for one of his meditative healing concerts or for someone to produce music for your movies, meditations, podcasts or lyrics Click here.

@VictorVarana is a music composer and producer and a wellness and meditation guide inspired by the art and science of mantra and sound healing but also enjoys of great influence from the 80s and 90s electro, synth and heavy rock music. Among his favorite instruments to play are traditional percussions like djembe, doumbek and frame drums, the bass guitar and the DAW. He loves to produce music with heavy rhythmic and punchy grooves that gets people on their feet and dance, but also loves producing healing and relaxing landscapes that take people into an inner-journey, laying down and letting go.


He has been founder and part of both Rock Bands and Kirtan Ensembles and his first solo album including yoga music is soon to be released. It contains potent mantras and was recorded combining traditional instruments of the world and synth waves. You can listen to a demo song by watching the video above.


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