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Do you need music to level up a brand?

A company targets the right population for its brand, generating a feeling of identification through music. Tailored songs rocket the brand above every other one and conquer the market.


KALAM BALAM makes music production for brands that wants to conquer. Contact Us

• Music Production 
A beat for the brand
• Mix & Master Engineering 
Pump and shine to the max
• Sound Design & Film Scoring
Movies and video games that growl and sparkle
• Playlist Curation
Spas, restaurants, and hotels turned into enveloping experiences

KALAM BALAM is devoted but not limited to enhancing audio experiences for the wellness travel audience.


Music composition, production, sound design, mixing, and mastering, are inspired by the healing science of sound.

KALAM BALAM's sound:  Electronic Music [Soundscapes, Ambient, Binaural Beats, Organic House, Techno, LoFi, World Beat, Trip Hop, and Pop].

• Mix & Master Engineering 

• Playlist Curation

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