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5 Branding Aphorisms

Branding is an interesting topic that can be understood or described in many ways. These are 5 different aphorisms to understand Branding coming from what I've learned from some of the biggest marketing giants.

aph·o·rism / noun / a pithy observation that contains a general truth.

  1. Branding is a concept, associated to certain values, in relationship to a specific group of people, that circles around the design of a product and its end user experience, that offers a solution to a problem that is important to them.

  2. Branding is what makes a customer to choose dealing with you, and even invest more effort in getting from you, what they can get from others, even for less.

  3. Branding is to associate yourself with values, that others don’t know you have, or you care about, that you also want them to get interested for, and care about.

  4. Branding is creating the link between the mystery with the familiar.

  5. Brand is the reputation earned from meeting, exceeding or failing at expectations.

  6. Brand is not just a logo, a color palette and certain graphic elements used for business communications. It's the whole organization experience.

  7. Branding is an insight followed by a strategy, tactic, execution and value. ------------------------------- Sept 17, 2023

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