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Victor Varana
Founder & Creator

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VICTOR VARANA is a multidisciplinary artist with an international platform.


His art consists in blending movement & meditation with music, visual arts and sound. 


He is the founder of YogaMultimedia, an accredited yoga school, a yoga retreat collective and an art studio.  He is also the creator of Kalam Balaman art of living, a creative way of life that integrates body and mind training methods and combines mindfulness, breath work, functional movement, visual arts, music and sound.

In over 26 years of professional career as photo and videographer, designer and musician, 17 years as a yoga teacher and master and 22 years of entrepreneurship, Victor has successfully given birth to many important projects in the competitive and challenging fields of art, yoga and travel assuming positions in promotion, production, management and direction.

Professional history

In the late 90s Victor started at the bottom of the hotel industry, saved money to invest and in 2000 he was running a web, photography & multimedia design agency that held a campaign for Corona beer and other important clients for many years. In 2002 he formed part of Alberca Artes collective where he also co-directed the 2005 Fotografest Festival which won a co-investment prize by the national fund for arts and culture of Mexico, and in that same year, he started teaching yoga. In 2009 he moved to Tulum to teach yoga full time, where he earned an international reputation with his unique practice & teaching style and variety of skills, which opened the gates for him to lead, organize, design and produce several yoga retreats and trainings each year, in countries like Mexico, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Italy, Kenya and Morocco. Since 2015, he has been a full time nomadic world traveler.


As a photographer, he studied at EAF, one of the most relevant schools of photography in Mexico. As a designer, he studied at Universidad la Salle de Mexico. AS a music producer and Sound Designer he was formed in Slam Academy. As a yoga teacher, he holds a variety of certifications in different schools and is certified E-RYT500 .


He also recognizes that the integration of the learned concepts and most of the knowledge that a person can own, comes from practice and experience. He also has studied and practiced since an early age, a variety of martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, BJJ, Qi Gong & Tai Chi). He is a certified as a scuba and free diver as well.

As an artist, his pieces have been exhibited in relevant exhibitions in Mexico and US. As a musician he has played in different parts of Mexico and has been producing singles in experimental electronica, world beat, hip hop, trap, trip hop, ambient, house & techno, working on 3 different album projects which will be released in a near future. He has experience as a cultural promotor and special events producer involving art and yoga. 

'Wherever you find balance, you'll find direction' . Victor Varana

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