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Choose your own adventure

Gather your family, friends or team members

Make of your holidays a #YogaMultimediaRetreat

yoga and adventures that you'll keep wandering about


Magical experiences are the one thing that heals the soul

Leave the details to us, we have everything that a memorable and vitalizing experience requires. RESERVE TODAY and take advantage of the early bird discounts.

“Victor created a wonderful week for our group that I’ll always remember: a week in paradise with a true teacher. Being in Victor’s classes with his level of commitment made me understand more about spiritual development and what it entailed. We went on really fun and fascinating excursions, ate great food, and swam in the Caribbean while still living a beautiful life of practicing yoga, and learning Mayan and Eastern spiritual traditions.”  Elissa Heyman



“He put so much heart and creative thought into every detail. He planned the journey on which he lead us with such care and insight ... He also incorporated ceremony and ritual into the week and it was a transformative opportunity to participate in the Mayan Temazcal ritual ... He chose meaningful and fun excursions that were also connected to our journey for the week ... His breadth of knowledge and commitment to this work was evident. The gifts of that week continue to emerge in my life. I have such gratitude for Victor, my fellow participants and the exquisite Maya Tulum".  Aviva S. Bernat MD

Fly awayfrom the routine and the cold winter weather, travel to a warm and beautiful place. Give yourself the treat of a memorable journey that includes yoga and other ancient wellness traditions, delicious fresh food, fantastic landscapes and excursions, massages and other healing treatments.


Train in Kalam-Balam! a blend of healing arts like hatha, vinyasa and kundalini yoga, sound healing, meditation, tai chi and other martial arts created by the world renowned master Victor Varana.

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